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I'm so busy,It's not even fit..Really,I'm having so much tests right now i'm hardly ever on....I know I'm not posting a lot but when I get my new LJ going I'll post every 2-3 days..I'm also going to update my Tinierme,Cyworld,Ameba and I am going to make a Blogspot soon...

So February 11 The most amazing fashion designer in history commited suicide..Alexander McQuuen...He was so amazing and I love all of his Clothes..It's sad that he was only 40 to...

Rest in peace....

Happy Valentines DAy!!~~~
Valentines day was so boring~ I'm not a big fan of this Holiday(or is it even a Holiday?~) But It's kinda fun....

I got my hair died <3 Well it's not as bright as I wanted it but It's a bright strawberry blond...It's really pretty but i'm going to go get it dyed again very soon.....I would post pics but my camera is dead =/ Grrr...I lost my charger....

So Lady GaGa released her own Viva Glam lipstick for M.A.C.....I will be getting one,VERY SOON...My friends mom lives in Halifax which they have a M.A.C store there...So she is going to check for me if they have any..Or i'm just going to but it off the site..... It's $16.50 so it's not bad...

So like I said in my other posts..I am going to move to my other LJ account soon...Just when I have time....

And aha,I'm in Computer class...Thats why I have time to post... <3


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05 February 2010 @ 10:37 am

I'm not really posting much...Haha....I'll be moving to my account very Very soon~ I'm getting my hair dyed tommorow do I'll post pics ;)

I'm in Computer Class right now..Haha...Fun :D <3

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20 January 2010 @ 08:21 pm
So I have moved on from Decora!~~ I'm off to Banba now,i'm just in love with it~ I will be making another account soon to and move to there :) Sorry Honeyseffect!~ <3 I'll add all my friends and stuff on my new account..I have no idea when I will be making a new one..On I will be posting more!

I've been busy with school,and drama..Lots of drama....I also got my dress for Winter Carnival!~ It's gorgeous!

By the way I havent received my lenses yet :( Gosh I hope they come soone!~

Love yahs!~ <3
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09 January 2010 @ 02:53 am

Haha,i'm really hyper...I'm over a friends house right now....It was Ashleys party and me and Kitana are sleeping over..I just finished watching the Chain Saw Massacre..That's one of the only horror movie's I never watched haha..I don't know what one it is...Now were watching "Paranormal Activity" It just started....It's 2:40AM haha! I'm not tired at all....Really...

I ordered a pair of circle lenses Two days ago..I'll post a pic later...I got them in Barbie Black theyre 15.5MM Theyre huge haha..They'll come in around 7-12 days...I got a free Hello Kitty case with them to...:) I cannn''tt Waiitt!~ 

I really need to post more..And I don't know why this font is bigger then the rest,Haha...I'm just to lazy to post all the time..I really need to update my Tinierme and Yaplog...Ughhh D: Haha

I'm going yo order a wig for my Sfoglia..I am tryin to straighten her original wig but it's not looking good haha.....Ughhh Kitana and Ashley wont shut up haha,I have no idea what theyre talking about..Al of us are sitting on Ashleys bed..I'm on her new Ipod...

Some days I feel like punching Miria in the face..Really..UGHH She's such a BITCH!!! Then Ashley asked her today if she liked me and she said "Yes..And I always will..." And she was trying to talk to me and Ashley party....

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31 December 2009 @ 01:55 pm
Ahh i'm supposed to be and a friends house right now..I'm not in the mood..Ughhh I really want to transfer and now my grandparents wont let me...I getting made fun of and bet up...I'm fed up...Between all the kids and Miria I don't know which is worse....I want to leave...

Ahh,all the cute sites I see only accept Paypal D: Also I can't find one wig for my pullip that the seller doesn't only accept PayPal..Poor Sfoglia..D: ;-;

New Year resolutions!~
1.Study even harder for school
2.Go to bed at a decent time
3.Loose weight..
4.Obtain more kawaii and Hello Kitty things
5.Grow my hair out
6.Try to get more peircings
7.Watch how much Chocolate I eat U_U
8.Improve drawing skills
9.Improve not living on the computer

There's like 10000000 more but i'm to lazy to put them...

I really want to spend New Years alone this year but I promised my friend(s) I would go to there party..ahh...I don't feel like socalizing with people right now..D:

But you know whats fun?!!! :D Aha! Starting a video call with someone..Me and Sarah did it last night and it was soo awkward xD aha :D Her bunny is soo cute though X3
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26 December 2009 @ 03:36 pm
GPK and Kiwamu never fail to make me laugh!~ Also DJ SiSeN and Selieen! I've been a fan of them since GPKism came out :) in 2007 but I just never relized Selieen was a guy till yesterday! haha! And gosh!  Ryonai  is so mysterious! His comment about Providence of Decadence Was really...Awesome :D But it bothered me how he said "Tatsuya is now dead." It's like he killed him himself or sumthing D: aha....

<3 <3 <3Collapse )=3 <3Collapse )
25 December 2009 @ 11:00 am
Merry Christmas everyone :D

Ahh,I'm feeling a bit better but not much >> I got a ton of awesome things :) I'm really happy :D $120.00 Pre Paid credit card also X3 I can't wait to use it! aha :D

I'm still fighting myself whether or not I should get this..

I'm going down my other grandmothers tonight to open more gifts :D <3
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24 December 2009 @ 02:20 pm
Being sick on Christmas eve or getting a little pimple on your nose..

I was crying last nigh!Haha I'm horrible! XD I got a little pimple on my nose yesterday and I kept freaking out..I never got one in my whole freakin life DX Hopfully it will go away soon..It's really red on like on the center of my nose o3o Shit.....

Ughhh I fawkin sick on Christmas eve!!! I got sick at like 4:00AM and I never fawkin stopped Puking since X_X I cant even really get out of bed! I got up to go on my Computer to try to listen to some Gackt,His songs always make me feel better.....

I seriously need a new Computer,well I need a laptop....This computer is a peice of shit X_X I can't do anything on it! It's suprising I can post on LJ and Yaplog >>

BTW I really hate my hair right now...Like is getting longer which I love but I had half of my bangs dyed blond..Which I also loved,but I was being an asshole about a week and a half ago..I really want Racoon tailes in my hair but my grandparents wont let me...So I got a SHARPIE(yes I know..) And put stripes on my bangs were the blond was..I thought it looked awesome..And yea,it's marker so it gotta wash out...I got a shower that night and I blow dried my hair..It strrped the blond right out of my hair and it turned then white..And you could also see the stripes...So half of my bangs are Black and Fawking White!! My grandparents didn't notive suprisingly because it was really noticable...Like all the kids at school could see it..A kid in my class kept calling me Sharpie >> xD So I wanted to get my bangs dyed again...But here MY GRANDPARENTS WONT LET ME! Ughh I was soo pissed >.< U_U So When I got my earspeirced the second time I asked my hairdresser if she could like fix it or was there anyway..She said the only way without bleaching or dyeing it was to thin it out a little so it would be less noticable...So she did it....It looks soo much worse!! Like half of my bangs are really thin and the other half are pretty thick X_X I have no freakin clue to do!!! D: ;_;
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23 December 2009 @ 09:48 pm

Ah yes~

I am Badass....

Just pointing that out :D 

Aha I never post anymore o3o It's kinda sad actually...Really aha! I'm really down D: I really wanted to see Lady GaGa in Toronto :( Ughhh DAMN SCHOOL!

I'm going to try to update ^_^ I always say this BUT I PROMISE!!

My 2 friends are in a fight >> They were really good friends to D: I hope they like get better U_U

2 FREAKIN DAYS DILL CHRISTMAS!!!   I'ma soo excited!! :D

Ohh! BTW if your wondering what the hell is my title for this post is about its nuthin ;) I JUST FREAKIN LOVE HONEYSEFFECT!!!!!! ;D she knows why!

MWHAHA I'm going to Moncton this year to bake cookies with Sarah <3 ;D Cant waiitt!~~~ 

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10 December 2009 @ 10:50 pm
I like Brett for over 6 years,I really like him.We talked on the phone for about 4 1/2 hours last night and we were talking today,I always told him everything because I knew I could trust him..I told him one of my fawkin biggest secrets last ngiht..(we never talked to each other in months cuz we went to diffrent schools) Then he wans to me to go to the dance at his school,I was so,so happy..I wouldnt shut up about it today in school,I thought i'd really dance with him..He's seriously gorgeous,but he calls him self a mad whore,he dates a lot of girls and makes out with random ones,even if he was a girlfriend...But anyway I was having such a good time..Then Victoria my best friend since about gr 4 told me that he told her something..She didn't want to tell me cuz she was worried I'd hate her..But then she told me,Brett had told her this morning the secret I told him..(this was in the middle of the dance) I buried my face in my hands and then on her shoulder...I couldnt stop crying..I trusted that bastard... I ran to the Washroom and she followed "Maddie,please..please stop crying..I wont think diffrent of you at all,he's a jerk maddie,it doesnt matter,please maddie,please dont be mad at me,I will never tell anyone" she kept saying that over and over and over,and I beleived her,and here one of the teachers saw me crying and came in,we talk and stuff but I still couldnt stop crying..I was a total fawking mess..Me and Victoria sat on the bleachers the rest of the dance,and everytime Brett saw me(i was kinda crying) He always sat beside me really close and he kept asking me what was wrong...I ran to the washroom around 3 more times...Ughh I hate my life right now..I hate him..So much...I really really liked him...I trusted him..
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